Heritage Collectiopn Designs

Heritage Designs

Oblet d art
Hand made Suzani Cushion and Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu `s Fish hand painted vase

The aesthetic values that form the collective memory of the Anatolian lands inspire Heritage  designs .Anatolian masters’ craftsmanship turn into new design with an emphasis on proportion, texture and color.

At Heritage designs , metal worked with the perfectionism of jewelery makers, the lustre of blown and hand cut glass, embroidery and many traditional motifs and techniques turn into functional art and design.

The tradition of gift giving alongside the rituals of the service culture meet with contemporary users through the timeless designs of Heritage which will pass from generation to generation.

Cocteyl Set & Bottle Stopper
Hand made Glass Cocteyl Set & Bottle Stopper

Heritage Collection Design is not your ordinary art-deco store but more of a palace where creativity has no limits. Everything from the building’s original architecture to the ornaments on sale reflects cultural symbolism and blend together in harmony.

Art Crafts by Designers of Heritage
Art Crafts by Designers of Heritage


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