Exhibition of Jean Arcelin

April 21 – 26, 2015 | HERITAGE Art Gallery, Geneva

Jean Arcelin is an artist with dual nationality, Swiss and French, native of Vaud, currently living and working in Paris. His pictorial compositions are simply the results of his imagination without any cinematographic aids, using principally the oil canvas technique called “alla prima”, keen to the original “impressionist painters”, which cancels the initial undercoated and glazed steps.

According to the artist, the reality is only the activation of a fancy realm where perspective and mirrors effects, fleeting and vanishing lines, deep and uncertain space and audacious panoramic framings are combined all together. His painting style is dazzling, immediate, quite audacious, challenging a bit the limits of chromatic harmony in order to highlight its otherworldly appearance.

Whatever baroque interiors, seas, mountains and urban landscapes, Jean Arcelin is always reinterpreting in a symbiotic way the visual illusion which stays as the everlasting paradox of the painting!

The exhibition preview will take place on Tuesday, April 21st 2015 from 5.30pm onwards.

texte arcelin ok

texte arcelin ok

Beside our design boutique on the ground floor, on our first floor we created an art gallery or a space that can be used for other cultural events.From time to time ,we would also like to invite upcoming artists,writers and musicians to come and share their art as well as do book signings.

Its exhibitions as well as events encompassing the entire old town in Geneva,the gallery seeks to reach out not only to the Turkish arts community but also to the area’s international visitors.


1200 Degrees Marbling

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